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Iona Abbey Cloisters
St Mary’s Abbey, Iona, Scotland

The Iona Abbey Cloister carvings were commissioned by the Iona Community in 1967, and completed in 1997. The capitals depict variously plants and flowers of the Bible, flowers of Iona and of the British Isles, and birds of the West Highlands. The additional carvings, called Locks, illustrate the parables of Jesus Christ and also the offering of bread and wine.

Each capital is an original carving and in many cases were donated as memorials. The subjects were variously chosen by the Iona Community, the donors, or by Chris Hall himself.


Iona Abbey Cloister Carving Details
All photography below by Martin Burns

  • Iona Cloisters: Alpha and Omega
  • Iona Cloisters: The Baptism of Christ
  • Iona Cloisters: Butterburr
  • Iona Cloisters: Gannets
  • Iona Cloisters: The Parable of the Mustard Seed
  • Iona Cloisters: Nativity
  • Iona Cloisters: Crown of Thorns
  • Iona Cloisters: Vine
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All images copyright: Christopher Hall